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Roof Repair

Have you ever wished you took care of something before it became a serious problem? That is a fact of life for many things. Unfortunately, this is a common phenomenon when it comes to making roof repairs. We understand this very well.
One thing that causes this is the fear of being told a roof needs a complete replacement. Many roof repair companies only believe in telling potential clients that they must replace an entire roof, even when it is not truly necessary!
Gaithersburg Roofing and Home Improvement  is different. We are happy to help customers who only need a roof repair. We offer free estimates for roof repairs, and we guarantee our work by providing a 2-year warranty for the repaired area.


Each roof, and each home, is unique. That’s why we will review your home and your roof with you. After examining your roof from the inside out, evaluating you home’s orientation and weathering pattern, and determining your preferences from our vast assortment of roofing products, we will design and build a roof system that is budget-friendly, beautiful, and ready for the worst Mother Nature has to offer.

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